The Interactive Media Arts Profile is a unique profile in Arts, Literature and Communication exclusive to Dawson College.  In IMA, the next generation of artists and creators in Quebec are redefining art, design and creative exploration in our professional lab and workshop. IMA's hands-on, project-based training introduces students to simple yet powerful technological tools. Whether they are making physical projects - that is, things like metal sculptures - or virtual projects - like computer games, the emphasis is always on the creativity of their efforts.


Special Thanks to

Andrea Cole, Dean of Creative and Applied Arts

Wolfgang Krotter, Asst. Dean of Creative and Applied Arts

Natalie Olanick, ALC Festival Coordinator

Cheryl Simon, ALC Program Coordinator

John Connolly, IMA Faculty

Shawn Bell, IMA Faculty

Bérengère L. Marin-Dubuard, IMA Profile coordinator


Front page

Fall 2020 animation: Augusto Mota Pinheiro

Winter 2020 animation: Nathaly Gutierrez

Fall 2021: Yun Shan Nong