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by Augusto Mota Pinheiro

This game is ideally played by two players (local multiplayer), but can also work as a single player game, where both partners are navigating an infinitely procedural level together. The catch is that they are attached with a rope and can only move away from each other so, one player controls left and the other controls right, so when obstacles come up on one side or the other, the opposite player must pull his/her partner towards him to avoid said obstacle. If there is ever an obstacle on both sides, they must coordinate so that only one of them pulls up or down; otherwise they are going to collide and must restart. There will also be bonus objects along the way which will modify how the game is played in different ways.

  • Local, two-player coordination, where good communication is key

  • Calm relaxing music to accompany beautiful, deserted landscapes

  • A modern way to meditate, for those that don’t like to be too passive

Instructions: All of the controls will be displayed on-screen. Be careful, the D and RIGHT_ARROW keys are not part of the game! You need to avoid each obstacle as it comes in your direction and try to get the bonuses!

There is no winning condition, as this is supposed to be a relaxing experience, so enjoy!

Platform: Any modern browser

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