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by Noémie-San Dauphinais

You are running, from what? Only, you would know.  The only way is forward, the path littered with obstacles here and there. Better dodge them or the collision will be painful. There are certain items that seems to be able to make your run easier, cause’ there are always times where you feel like you are changing the rules. Watch out, the longer you go, the faster it will come after you. Don’t forget to pick up energy or you won’t last long either.
The Longest Night is a metaphor of life. The idea of we all are just running through life. Always going forward dodging obstacles of life as best we can. Picking up things that help us for a little bit, but always coming back their plain normal self. Being an endless runner is no coincidence, we do not know when it ends there’s always more to look forward to. The environment is supposed to take place in the night street of a city.
This is an endless runner, and the goal is to try and get the highest score by evading obstacles. Collect Energy to also keep running
↑ or up arrow: Jump
↓or down arrow: falling faster
← or left arrow: move to the left
→ or right arrow: move right

Noemie-San Dauphinais Endless Runnerunner: About
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