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by Sofia Vela

This game is about the importance of decision making in life. Many people don’t realize just how important the decisions we make in our lives are. Most of the time after a decision is made, it is very hard to go back. However, I made this game to show that, yes the decisions we make are important but, even if you think you made the wrong decision, the outcome can still be good. I also wanted to show that the path to getting to where you want to be can be very difficult at times, however, you have to work for what you want in life. If you truly want something, you will work hard for it no mater how frustrating the path can be.
Rules: In this game the player must use the left and right arrow keys to move along the screen and the space bar to jump. The player must choose between options. To select an option, the player must get through the obstacles and go through the portal that has their decision on it. The only way a player can win is if they complete the last level feeling content with the decisions that they made.

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