by Gaspar Lassignardie

Made with:

FL Studio, Plug ins or VST (LAB, FLEX, Sytrus, Vahalla Supermassive, Harmer etc…); plug-ins such as fl studio equalizer 2, reverb effects, distortion effects, and others.

The project’s purpose is to immerse yourself in five distinguishable genres of pieces of music (lofi, alternative rock/indie/80s, afro trap, EDM, and classical/cinematic) throughout a soundwalk from Dawson piece garden to Concordia greenhouse. This is my first attempt at an 11-minute music composition with the use of different rhythms, harmonies, and melodies but at the same time trying to keep that same atmosphere and mood. The ultimate goal is for the listener to understand and spot the differences between each song in this small audio experience journey.