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by Jade Tremblay

Enviro-Mental is a 2D isometric RTS game that takes place in a space called “Eden” which is a representation of one’s mind into a garden. You are tasked with tending to this garden as you inhabit the shoes of people which aren’t in the best state of mind. During play, you gather resources from the land which you can then use in order to plant various things in the garden, providing defenses or weapons against the blight that plagues it. Your territory can grow progressively, but so can your enemy’s, so time is of the essence. Your ultimate goal is to entirely heal the Eden you inhabit. Will you be up to the task, or will you crumble before the corruption?

-Sunflowers generate the main resource of the game which is called will.

-Red and blue tulips can create attack and healing orbs respectively.

-Violets can cleanse corrupted tiles that aren’t around blight spikes.

-The blight spikes themselves can create attack orbs, reproduce, and spread onto healthy tiles.

-All the flowers have a set amount of health and cost associated with them. The tulips consume a little bit more will to be able to create their orbs.

-The orbs auto-target viable targets that are in a set range of their attached flower.

-The final winning condition is to have a map entirely clear of any corrupted tiles. The game ends after the level that follows the tutorial.

System requirements: 
Runs on Windows 7-10. Doesn’t require much processing power. Your screen should be 16:9 to use the fullscreen option without weird stretching. The game was initially designed with a 1080p monitor in mind, and targets 60fps.

Jade tremblay - Enviro Mental: About
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