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A Game inspired by "Static", a story by Hayden Tekaronhiané:ken Alfred.

Game design and production by 

Augusto Mota Pinheiro, Brian Kang, Paul Terrado and William Pak.

We will be basing our game off of “Static”, by Tekaronhiané:ken Hayden Alfred. More precisely, we want to illustrate the part in the story when the protagonist, Tori, encounters a monster and shoots it to defend herself.

"From the moment where Tori falls unconscious, she’ll wake up with more monsters than ever! She gets down from her tower and makes her way to the city, while avoiding the most creatures as possible." Hayden Tekaronhiané:ken Alfred

Explore you surroundings, interact with the game environment, and study the enemy’s behaviour to play at your best.

(W up, S down, A left, D right) Left-click the shoot Press R to reload Press Space to jump Scroll mouse-wheel to change weapons Press 1, 2, 3 to change weapons.

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A board game designed by Jackson Starr who was inspired by the story "Paradise" by Rahsakaienhtha Laborgne

Journey Home

One of the most horrific possible outcomes imaginable has come to fruition. You wake up in the middle of the desert, the scorching hot midday sun beaming down on your burnt skin. You have no memory of how you got here, where you are, and what you did to be in this situation. After struggling to grasp a sense of where you are, you finally stumble upon a lost backpack. You assume this is yours, but would open it up even if it wasn’t. You open the backpack to a miracle. A bottle of fresh water which can last you three days, a can of food which lasts you four, and a tarp to form a shelter which lasts five days. Along with this, there is a faint sign of mountains in the distance off to the right, continuous desert in the middle, and a lush green forest to the left. You naturally know that the two on either side get you better resources, but continuing in the desert gives you better access to resources earlier on in the game. It is your decision to make as to where you want to go, and how you determine your fate. Action cards will both aid you on your quest to survival, but could flounder your quest to get back to your mother’s house. The fate of your life lies squarely in your decision making. Good luck.

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Playing with Stories: Image
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